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🃏Reading Of The Day🃏⁣

We may be uncomfortable with the intensity of our feelings, but they seem extreme because we have lessons to learn. Clever Mercury’s magical alignment with potent Pluto enables us to see into the shadows of our fears so we can transform negativity into love. Nevertheless, tricky aspects to fuzzy Neptune might lure us off track with false hopes. Thankfully, we receive cosmic assistance from the Moon's shift into compassionate Pisces.

Move gingerly and gently about your day, as if you’re recovering from a long rest. Perhaps you’re more sensitive than you realize and are jarred by the stark contrast to the hard-edged world around you. The watery Pisces Moon encourages you to leave plenty of time to find your flow, including claiming space to just chill when you can. Tell those who try to prod you to act on their behalf to back off and give you room to breathe. Stay easygoing, and you’ll ease into where you need to be. Forcing yourself into action is only helpful once you generate enough internal motivation.


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