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🥳 Reading Of The Day 👑

🃏Reading Of The Day🃏⁣

The pendulum swings back into the Land of Mystery, demanding that we set aside our conclusions and put on our research caps. Our thinking grows serious as cerebral Mercury breaks away from the pack to enter emotional Scorpio for an extended stay. But discovering previously missed information isn’t enough to put life in order. An electric Mars-Uranus connection inspires our creativity while the Sagittarius Moon inspires us to reach further.

An undercurrent of goodwill can turn an everyday situation from drab to vivacious today. Let the understated ways that friends step up to bat for friends or loved ones go the extra mile for each other reinforce your gratitude for the circle of devotion that exists in your life. Whether someone’s circumstances are like your own or light years apart, there is always something helpful you can do to brighten their world. Put big affection into even the smallest act of kindness, and trust that it matters -- because it does.


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