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🃏Reading Of The Day🃏⁣

We see the world through a very practical lens today as the efficient Virgo Moon forms harmonious trines with karmic Saturn and relentless Pluto. Nevertheless, Luna also creates harsher aspects with imaginative Neptune and expansive Jupiter, making it difficult to keep our feet on the ground. Unfortunately, an annoying Venus-Neptune misalignment could put the objects of our affections out of reach. A vivid imagination makes reality hard to find.

You may become more aware of the sneaky ways you sabotage your own success. Often you can see an external foe, but it’s harder to catch and dismantle your own habits that disrupt productivity. One common key feature of most self-damaging tactics is how you might refuse to fully embrace and enjoy what life offers. You could hold back on love, even for yourself. Be kind and compassionate to yourself in all you do, starting with how you spend your time. Beau Taplin wrote, “Sharpen your mind. Soften your heart.”


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