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Although we are standing at a significant turning point, we might not notice it yet. The waiting period is over; current delays become distant memories as karmic Saturn ends its retrograde period to move direct again. The determined Taurus Moon adds stability with her smooth trine to Saturn. In fact, the Moon creates a Grand Earth Trine with assertive Mars and powerful Pluto in the picture, giving us a strong foundation in our spiritual practices.

You’re motivated to get your figurative and actual house in order today. Although you may be comfortable with a thorough cleaning around your home, you may not relish the same level of diligence with touchier areas of your life. For instance, your relationship with your family or other unresolved emotional issues regarding your domestic life might catch up with you. Fortunately, stable Saturn’s forward motion in your 4th House of Foundations can help you sort out how to shore up your sense of place in the world. Strengthening your roots now helps you bear more robust fruit in the future.


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