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👑 Reading Of The Day 😇

🃏Reading Of The Day🃏⁣

Telling people that everything is fantastic doesn’t necessarily make it so. Talkative Mercury forms a creative aspect with optimistic Jupiter, encouraging us to embellish the facts in order to present a more positive view. However, Mercury’s opposition to healer Chiron suggests we may be painting a best-case scenario to prevent negativity from overwhelming others. Meanwhile, the enthusiastic Aries Moon adds to our false sense of empowerment.

Setting aside your own interests enables you to positively impact your world. Avoid fretting over a dilemma that appears to have no immediate solution. Otherwise, you could keep digging deeper into your own knowledge base to search for your answers and become frustrated when you don’t reach pay dirt now. Nevertheless, it may be better to step up to offer aid to someone else today. You might find their problem mirrors your own, but it’s different enough to reveal previously unseen insights. Wisdom comes from experience. Ovid wrote, “The burden becomes light that is shared by love.”


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