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🃏Reading Of The Day🃏⁣

The emotional pull is powerful from the hypersensitive Pisces Full Moon. Although our feelings are flowing strongly, we may inadvertently confuse people with our actions as energetic Mars opposes nebulous Neptune. Thankfully, relationship stress dissipates once Mercury and Venus enter peace-seeking Libra. Nevertheless, we’re less willing to compromise on crucial matters after the Moon blasts into headstrong Aries.

A touch of inspiration provides you with the enthusiasm to manage your chores today. But changing your attitude is only a short-term solution. The Pisces Full Moon highlights your 6th House of Rituals, reminding you that you are reaching a peak with a set process or procedure. Unfortunately, you may be reluctant to give up your familiar routine. You might be so used to it that you can't see it’s no longer working for you. Perhaps you don’t know how to replace this pattern; thankfully, a burst of creativity lights the way toward a more efficient future. Your knack for adaptability shines under stress.


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