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🃏Reading Of The Day🃏⁣

Although we might experience a series of minor annoyances today, they won’t likely be enough to foil our current plans. The quirky Aquarius Moon forms several irritating aspects, triggering one trivial problem after another. We may be overextending our reach by striving to attain unrealistic goals. Nevertheless, with idealistic Neptune and exuberant Jupiter in the picture, we’re not satisfied until we step outside of our normal comfort zone.

A casual discussion with a colleague or neighbor might lead to more fruitful endeavors. You only need to be friendly and willing to connect. Perhaps you start off talking about the weather and the next thing you know you’re planning a road trip to do more research on a common interest. Or you may give or gain insight on a pesky problem that’s plaguing one of you. You can start off with an appetizing chat and end up with a three-course exchange if you are open to new experiences and delightful encounters. A Mexican proverb claims, “Conversation is food for the soul.”


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