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🃏Reading Of The Day🃏⁣

Analytical thinking leads to practical action with four planets in logical Virgo. But deeply held passions rise into awareness, triggering intense emotions. Ironically, a stabilizing Venus-Saturn trine reminds us that practicing patience can cultivate enduring joy. Meanwhile, clever Mercury forms an easy trine to rebellious Uranus, releasing a barrage of innovative ideas. Thankfully, the objective Libra Moon enables us to hold a neutral position.

Perhaps the path to a solution is through surrender today. This surprising tactic may seem like quitting, but it’s just the opposite. A frustrating situation at home might put you in a cranky mood. You are at your wit’s end and don’t know what else to do now. Don’t take your irritations out on people who have nothing to do with your dilemma. Change the energy by raising the vibrations. Relieve yourself of the stressful belief that a resolution is only up to you. Assuming a positive attitude allows for more possibilities and better collaborations. Rest in acceptance and sleep with no regrets.


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