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🃏Reading Of The Day🃏⁣

We have stepped through the eye of a needle and we may be unsure how to proceed. Thankfully, this uncertainty is only temporary while mischievous Mercury forms an annoying aspect to maverick Chiron. We want to dance to the beat of our own drummer, but we might not be able to discern the rhythm from the ambient environmental noises. Nevertheless, the cosmos offers us a chance to recreate harmony once the Moon slips into peaceful Libra.

Jumping to conclusions only lands you in trouble. Under today’s cosmic traffic jam, accusations may fly without any supporting evidence. Avoid engaging with disruptive people and keep a low profile. Maintain your emotional balance, control your thoughts, and try not to obsess over fluctuating dynamics. Diplomatically inform others of your intentions and use discernment with exciting new prospects. Let go of the fantasy that relationships are always smooth and remember that complaints don’t necessarily reflect negatively on you. When you shower compassion on yourself and others, you can forgive and move on.


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