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🃏Reading Of The Day🃏⁣

The cosmos pulls us in two directions today. We are attracted to eccentric ideas, weird places, and unusual people as magnetic Venus trines unconventional Uranus. Although rebellious feelings may be irrepressible, we might keep them quiet, anyhow. The emotionally insecure Cancer Moon opposes austere Saturn, offering an endless stream of reasons to restrain our self-expression. Nevertheless, it never hurts to consider the risks versus the rewards.

You advance professionally when you manage your priorities properly. Placing your optimism aside now, consider if you and your colleagues are operating with the same goals for this project. Keep watch for someone trying to hog the credit rather than showing their team spirit. A minor conflict may spark an honest confession or a surprising revelation that clarifies the situation. You could also receive an unexpected windfall or an offer from an investor to fund your initiative. Remember that you are never stuck; your input makes an immediate impact. Action is where faith becomes real.


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