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🙌🏼 Reading Of The Day 🙌🏼

🃏Reading Of The Day🃏⁣⁣

We are in new territory today, less encumbered by emotional concerns. We’re eager to get busy putting our lives in order once the Sun shifts into hardworking Virgo. But sustaining focus is challenging when the Moon flies into restless Gemini. Luna’s squares to the Sun, Venus, and Mars sidetrack us with one distraction after another. Still, we must balance our insatiable curiosity with our unavoidable responsibilities.

Visualize unlimited possibilities and reach your highest potential. The Moon’s presence in whimsical Gemini amplifies your 9th House of Adventure, inspiring you to explore uncharted territory or consider a new enterprise. However, your future success might require you to topple the walls of your protective fortress. Thankfully, you’re limited only by your imagination now, so remove the restraints and dream big! If you’re offered a chance to travel, publish, or kick off a start-up venture, say yes and deal with the details later. Signs and serendipities validate your creative desires.


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