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🙌🏼 Reading Of The Day 🙏🏻

🃏Reading Of The Day🃏⁣⁣

We’re still fighting an uphill battle against circumstantial obstacles that continue to appear in our path while the enterprising Aries Moon squares restrictive Saturn. Simultaneously, Luna forms a stabilizing Grand Fire Trine with communicator Mercury and opportunistic Jupiter, encouraging us forward. Thankfully, our mental creativity can resolve the dilemma as an ingenious Mercury-Neptune alignment activates our highest metaphysical states.

Your charitable spirit is noble, but keep your wits about you. Even while advancing your own best interests, maintain your skill of top diplomatic form. Take an audacious risk, make that big ask, or just put yourself out there without filters. You could seal a major deal or finally ink a sweet contract. Anything outmoded and not aligned with your soul’s highest energy may be pried away from you. Stay in the flow and let things go. Speak with kindness and your words will be heard. Medical intuitive Amy Leigh Mercree said, “Choosing to unconditionally love others is a path to deep joy.”


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