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🃏Reading Of The Day🃏⁣

Powerful mixed messages stream in from the cosmos, making it tough to take initiative on a good idea. The Moon blasts into impulsive Aries, pouring fuel onto the fires of inspiration. Our instincts remind us of the power of now while energetic Mars slips into perfectionist Virgo, requiring us to wait until every minute detail is in place. We must perform a balancing act between seizing the moment and waiting for a better time to act.

Circumstances on the home front might trigger a strong emotional response from you today. Others may expect you to react in a certain manner, but you have ideas of your own. Although it could seem as if you’re justified in telling everyone involved exactly what you think, a little self-restraint conveys a more constructive message. Instead of expressing your frustration through rash behavior, take time to analyze all the factors first. Your calm objectivity enables you to disagree with someone in a rational manner. Manage your anger, don’t bury it.


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