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🌺 Reading Of The Day 🌸

🃏Reading Of The Day🃏⁣⁣

We can create a new and improved relationship with our work-related responsibilities today. The Moon's shift into futuristic Aquarius encourages us to courageously step beyond old limitations and explore new possibilities. Although we still are determined to reach our goals, our perspectives begin to widen. We grow more confident of the skills we bring to a task as the Sun and Venus form a creative connection with strategic Saturn.

Clear the slate and be free to create whatever your imagination envisions. Examine your current emotional baggage with an objective eye today. You need not explain yourself to anyone, but you must lighten your load if you want to move on. Ironically, you may discover your burdens aren’t even yours. Toughness and invulnerability are defense mechanisms forged in early childhood. Come back to basics, recognize the programming, and set yourself free. See how your mind can focus, rise above fatigue, and heal your heart. Channel your empathy into constructive action.


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