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👉🏻 Reading Of The Day 👈🏻

🃏Reading Of The Day🃏⁣

There is little room for play as the weight of previous obligations weigh down on us now. The responsible Capricorn Moon bumps into taskmaster Saturn, reminding us of the mountain of unfinished work waiting for us. The intensity of our feelings can be temporarily overwhelming when the moody Moon hooks up with passionate Pluto. We may feel as if we’re missing something important while the Sun and Venus form supernatural aspects with wild Uranus.

You may feel like your relationships are on a wash, rinse, and repeat cycle. Do you find yourself replaying similar scenarios from your past? Look for what is unwanted in your life, but persists. Recurring story lines are often a recreation of your childhood dynamics. Acknowledge the pain and uncover the underlying payoff. Being an active participant in your own entrapment is never justified. Choose to evolve into a new version of you. But being strong doesn't mean you need to close off your heart; in fact, just the opposite. Love is the code of a spiritual warrior.


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