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🙌🏼 Reading Of The Day ✌🏻

🃏Reading Of The Day🃏⁣

Hope floats our most idealistic dreams today as the radiant Leo Sun smoothly trines buoyant Jupiter. Anything is possible, but blind optimism has its drawbacks, especially when the Sun forms an anxious aspect with strict Saturn this evening. If we reach too far, karma will set us straight. Balancing the expansive tendency of Jupiter with Saturn’s contractive nature is extra challenging while the intense Scorpio Moon pushes us to the extremes.

Peace and joy become your mission when you recognize who you truly are. Priorities seem to be at odds when your established values come face to face with unexpected resistance. Look for a way to keep everyone satisfied. Working with others for a purpose higher than your own personal needs begets more divine guidance and power than if you go rogue. Leaving judgment out of the picture allows false illusions to be replaced with the simple truth. Partnership is everything when you’re pursuing a common cause.


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