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🌼 Reading Of The Day 🌸

🃏Reading Of The Day🃏⁣

We might wake up to a kinder and gentler day, but the smooth sailing may not last. Everything seems a bit more tenuous once the Moon shifts into passionate Scorpio. The same issues we were once willing to let pass transform into problems that demand our attention. Although a creative Venus-Neptune connection opens doors to magical solutions, the Moon’s late-night opposition to unpredictable Uranus could surprise us with the outcome.

You are a mirror of truth, reflecting only what is bright. Ironically, it’s all about you, as long as you take others as yourself. Your natural graciousness is the place to pull from when squaring off with tense relations between your outer professional life and your most private desires. Walk with perfect confidence away from fear. Remember, any perceived gaps between yourself and another do not exist. Solutions emerge when you stand as if all are one. Remind yourself of the ultimate shared purpose of the people in your world. Love itself shines in perfect light.


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