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🃏Reading Of The Day🃏⁣

Obligations must be fulfilled now, whether they are to ourselves or someone else. The caring Cancer Moon opposes judgmental Saturn and ruthless Pluto, encouraging us to take ourselves seriously in relationships. The Moon’s conjunction with cerebral Mercury reminds us of all the things we meant to say but did not. Ultimately, it’s challenging to wrap our minds around the events of the day while cranky Mars forms an unstable aspect to confusing Neptune.

Your obsession with excellence is palpable today. You put the pedal to the metal and the results of your work speak volumes. Your prolific presence conveys a sense that you never need any downtime. Professional obligations take up so much of your bandwidth now that your domestic life recedes to the background. As you demonstrate your competence, your reputation continues to improve and expand. You may be handed new responsibilities or even find yourself taking on a mentor-ship role. Professor Sarah Lewis wrote, “Mastery is in the reaching, not in the arriving.”


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