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🃏Reading Of The Day🃏⁣

We are bouncing all over the place once the Moon flies into restless Gemini at 2:28 am EDT. We might feel as if someone cut us free, enabling us to ride the thermal air currents. But we also could be concerned about our loss of prior security. However, we’re likely to adjust to our newfound freedom as resourceful Venus connects with journeying Jupiter. We release any lingering worries about the future once Venus strides into bold Leo at 9:53 pm.

Playing the matchmaker gains global dimensions now. You weave new personal and professional connections between interesting individuals from various places. Your knack for seeing the overview empowers you to acquaint the right people with each other. You can almost witness the fruits of your labor blossom as sparks fly between collaborators. Without your intervention, these innovations and improvements might take a lot longer to occur, or not even happen at all. The satisfaction in knowing you are doing your part to spread happiness makes it all worthwhile.


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