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🃏 Reading Of The Day 🃏

Good intentions won’t get us very far today. Although the ambitious Capricorn Moon activates our most practical dreams of success, our follow-through may fall short of our expectations. We’re pulled off course by romantic attractions or lucrative financial plans as magnetic Venus forms an exciting square with independent Uranus. But we’re oddly unattached to producing final results as Venus, the planet of love, enters wild and crazy Aquarius.

You’re weary of feeling stuck and sluggish, but that’s all set to change today. The heavens are conspiring to nudge you toward crossing paths with someone who might not only wake you up on an emotional level, but enlighten your mind, too. This person is likely someone entirely unknown to you, but a near and dear one may also have interesting insights to offer. Stay open to fresh new opinions now, no matter the source. A shot of inspiration rocks your world.


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