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🃏Reading Of The Day🃏⁣

Logistics may seem complicated today, but we’re not likely to give up. We possess enough fight to overcome difficult odds while the combative Aries Moon forms conflictive squares with Pluto, Venus, and Mercury. Nevertheless, fierce determination takes charge once the Moon enters steadfast Taurus at 5:42 pm EDT. Our confidence grows and creativity saves the day when a clever Mercury-Venus conjunction opens a channel to our irrepressible ingenuity.

Alterations are afoot in your professional role. You may be busy tailoring your official duties to better serve your current workflow and reflect your strengths. However, a collaborator might question your actions and delay an agreement that could suit everyone. Of course, you're attached to the choices you make in determining what can stay and what must go. An unfair compromise eventually leads to feelings of resentment or regret. After all, it is your work and you have every right to defend your position. Change is mandatory for the sake of productivity, and your results will speak for themselves.


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