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🃏Reading Of The Day🃏⁣

There’s no such thing as a trivial thought today. The two largest objects in the solar system, the Sun and Jupiter, cross paths to make any idea larger than life. The ardent Aries Moon creates a Grand Fire Trine with action-hero Mars and auspicious Jupiter, fanning the flames of fervor and frenzy to a fevered pitch. Unfortunately, reality stops us in our tracks as the Moon’s square to karmic Saturn demands that we acknowledge our limited resources.

Your typical circuit of movement is spreading. The concept of local is swelling to larger dimensions now, putting you in touch with an increasing amount of people. Your social graces come in handy to help manage your ever-growing network. Some fresh faces enter your life while other acquaintances begin a slow migration out of your orbit. Take ownership of this process by making a conscious choice about who is most important to you. You need allies you can count on, not just followers. Musician Corey Taylor said, “Our proximity keeps us honest. Our intentions keep us strangers.”


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