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🃏Reading Of The Day🃏⁣

We are eager to make big plans today, excited about reaching our goals, and disappointed if we don’t attain them. The Moon's shift into exuberant Sagittarius at 11:04 am EDT raises our expectations so high that we lose sight of the necessary work along the way. A tricky aspect between retrograde Mercury and Neptune can lure us further off course. Thankfully, a Moon-Mercury trine rides to the rescue by empowering us with the logic needed for success.

Good fortune at work requires you to make a decisive choice today. You could get distracted by the bounty or you could use this surplus to widen your realm of influence. However, the further you delve into pursing your goal now, the less clear your next steps become. The answers remain hidden, so the best course of action is to continue meditating on all the options. The right pathway will eventually make itself known. Patience is a virtue when so much is unknown.


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