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🃏Reading Of The Day🃏⁣

We must answer to the stern voice of authority today, whether it appears in the form of a person blocking our efforts or a situation that impedes our progress. The willful Sun is in an oppositional tug-of-war with karmic Saturn and the Lunar Nodes, creating resistance to our intentions if they are not in line with our integrity, capability, and purpose. Logic shows us the way as the objective Libra Moon moves through squares to these active planets.

The somber nature of your thoughts affects how you present yourself to others today. Moments of introspection might supersede your usual willingness to play the role of social butterfly. The internal shifts happening now may have deep roots that reach back further than your own lifetime. The ripples from these realizations extend well beyond you as you integrate them into your life and work. Artist Yoko Ono said, “You change the world by being yourself.”


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