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The cosmic soup thickens once the Moon steps into earthy Taurus at 9:31 am EDT, drawing us out of the ethers and down into our senses. But we’re still holding onto deeper feelings that we’re unwilling to release as Venus forms an irritating connection to passionate Pluto. Thankfully, a sudden shift of energy changes the previously anxious dynamics as irrepressible Uranus sweeps into the picture, replacing discomfort with a newfound sense of freedom.

You’re drawn to repair frayed threads in a relationship that’s near and dear to you. Mindfully enter into the reconciliation gently as you both might be entrenched in your separate positions. Acknowledge that your blind spot is making it difficult to see your own stubbornness. Speak more about the positive aspects of the relationship than dwelling on the injustices. Once you settle into a comfortable rapport, you can unpack and resolve your differences. Softening your heart inspires others to do the same.


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