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We are tempted with the possibilities of indulgent pleasures today, but quickly pay the price if we reach too far. Beautiful Venus engages in a tug of war with opulent Jupiter, placing us somewhere between too much and even more. The dreamy Pisces Moon joins unrealistic Neptune, further encouraging our idealism. However, Venus also forms a challenging aspect to karmic Saturn, ending our escapades and requiring us to face our responsibilities.

You may set your eyes on distant horizons today, especially if a disappointment close to home lingers on your mind. You could spin dreams of being better appreciated in faraway places, yet love from unfamiliar hearts might not be as satisfying as you imagine. Sometimes there’s no place like home, even when there’s nothing homey about it. Yet those are the times when you must work a bit harder to renew connections that once came effortlessly. This labor makes your reunion with someone special that much sweeter when it happens. Activist Starhawk wrote, “Love is the glue that holds the world together.”


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