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It might seem as if we’re moving into new territory while the Moon visits futuristic Aquarius, but we’re confused by experiences of déjà vu. Our hearts cling to the past as the Sun shifts into tenacious Cancer at 11:54 am EDT, marking the Summer Solstice. It’s a new season, but instead of running down the road, our feelings sink deeper into our imaginations. Escape routes take us to inner space as dreamy Neptune begins its five-month retrograde.

A sticky work situation tests your loyalties and presents mysterious challenges for you. It might take you some time to put all the pieces together, but don’t rush to choose sides before you know the whole story. It’s possible that someone isn’t being as upfront with you as you are with them. Perhaps you learn that they committed a series of oversights and their ill-conceived practices are now revealed. However, there is no need for paranoia because innocent mistakes also happen. All will work out in the end if you’re patient enough to wait for the truth.


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