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🥰 Reading Of The Day 🌸

🃏Reading Of The Day🃏⁣

The atmosphere is charged with intellectual energy. Our restless minds are fully engaged, thinking up unconventional strategies. An anxious Sun-Uranus connection charges our brains with lightning-like intensity. Meanwhile, a creative quintile between superhero Mars and unpredictable Uranus keeps us guessing about what could happen next. Fortunately, the Moon is sailing through even-keeled Libra, preventing sudden changes from hijacking our day.

You’re extra-sensitive to how everyone is interacting at the workplace today. Obviously, you must lead by example to set the right tone. Do your best to maintain your composure even if someone else is losing theirs, since it’s tempting to let an adversary drag you into a combative confrontation. But remember that it’s often easier to shape malleable feelings in the moment rather than letting them harden into fixed positions, mindsets, and behaviors. You can be firm, fair, and refined all at the same time.


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