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🃏Reading Of The Day🃏⁣

Life is complicated when big ideas run into minor obstacles. But the setbacks presented by a tedious Sun-Saturn quincunx aren’t significant forever. However, solving one problem after another is exhausting today. Luckily, a bountiful Sun-Jupiter opposition keeps our spirits high and our optimism strong. Meanwhile, the Moon flies into airy Libra at 8:28 pm EDT, reminding us to remain logical rather than following the vagaries of our emotions.

You want those around you to see the big picture as you see it, but don’t stretch the truth to make your point. Your enthusiasm about a project or idea is naturally infectious. However, when you doubt the power of your passion, you’re liable to speak too generally -- even promising more than what your proposal can deliver. Don’t let your head do all the decision-making when you would be better off listening to your heart. Keeping your feelings in the open prompts others to do the same. Use humor to lighten the mood and to establish common ground.


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