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🃏Reading Of The Day🃏⁣⁣

It's the kind of day when all we want is to express our love over and over again until someone special to us hears our message. We may attempt to set our own emotional boundaries, but once unpredictable Uranus zaps chatty Mercury, we'll cave in, without much warning, but that's okay by us. Our romantic expressions are extra big and bold while the loquacious Leo Moon creates a harmonious sextile with the brilliant Sun, creating conditions that tempt us to share our passionate hearts with sheer abandon.

The current mood in your heart is a joyous one and you can use it to guide you through any romantic interactions you may encounter at this time. Clever Mercury's effervescent sextile with unpredictable Uranus piques your sexy curiosity right now, making you want to explore matters of the heart with abandon. Consider your current romantic circumstances a haven for your intellectual and emotional pursuits; follow your penchant for passionate adventure wherever it wants to take you today.


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