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😇 Reading Of The Day ✌🏻

🃏Reading Of The Day🃏⁣

Playing the part of a strong-but-silent hero only makes sense for a while. We jeopardize our integrity if we’re untrue to our feelings, especially if the early morning Moon-Pluto opposition activates primal survival instincts. Thankfully, revealing the truth is easier once the Moon struts into melodramatic Leo at 3:15 pm EDT. Meanwhile, an explosive Jupiter-Uranus connection reminds us that a breakthrough is possible if we’re willing to take a risk.

No one is better than you at playing cheerleader for a friend who’s down in the doldrums. Fortunately, you have plenty of optimism to share while the Moon is visiting fun-loving Leo. You might whisk someone away from their worries by inviting them to join you for an invigorating activity today. Perhaps the two of you end up stretching muscles at a robust yoga class or heating up the dance floor at your favorite club. An endorphin rush gets your blood pumping and lifts sinking hearts. Joy is the most magnetic force in the universe.


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