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The fickle cosmic breeze is rather enchanting today, offering us a ticket to ride on the unpredictable winds. The Moon flies into inconsistent Gemini at 7:47 am EDT, enticing us to see where each changing gust might carry us. But we grow bored of being aimlessly bounced around without direction. We long for deeper and more meaningful experiences as a trine between magnetic Venus and intense Pluto builds emotional power throughout the evening.

Charity often starts at home, but that doesn’t mean it must stay there. You’re looking for ways to match your ideals with positive and practical changes in the world around you. Your altruistic inclination motivates you to make a difference, especially for people experiencing hardship. However, you want to do more than write a check and then check out of the matter. You might even want to travel to help in person. At first, it's tough to figure out who to assist from the many causes that need support now. Thankfully, you can always start with those in your community. All politics are local.


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