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We’re not quite ready to abandon intense feelings that linger after a recent encounter. The Moon enters extreme Scorpio at 10:55 am EST, preventing us from letting go of any unprocessed emotions. Thankfully, communicator Mercury forms a cooperative sextile to passionate Pluto, empowering us to share our secrets. Meanwhile, an optimistic Mars-Jupiter alignment lights the way, possibly revealing a path that leads us to a more balanced position.

Relationships matter more than possessions in your world. A current project moves like molasses now, and you want nothing more than to see it fly. You may opt to be a bit bossier today, which could ruffle feathers in the wrong direction. Others are not likely to respond well to your insistence. You might not realize how much pressure you are placing on the situation. Step back from this scenario and ask yourself what you really want. Choose peace over progress.


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