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🤩 Reading Of The Day 😎

🃏Reading Of The Day🃏

Today we could benefit from a stimulating and supportive space for communication, creativity, and community. When lovely Luna sextiles talkative Mercury early this morning, we'll be given a special ability to show others our thoughts with clarity and wit. The Moon will give us another boost arrives later today, when it transitions from philosophical Sagittarius to disciplined Capricorn. This is an excellent time to begin working on anything we've been tinkering with. Any plans we have that have been collecting dust will get the attention they deserve.

If you live with family or roommates, now is a good time to engage in an activity that you can all do together. Watching a movie, cooking dinner, or playing a game could be a fun way to bond and make memories together. If you live alone, give a family member or a close friend a call and reminisce about the good times together. No matter how near or far you are from others, there are still ways to cherish your favorite memories while making new ones.


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