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😎 Reading Of The Day 🥰

🃏Reading Of The Day🃏

Events of the day feel a bit disorienting as an air of mystery accompanies our interactions. The ego-driven Sun seeks attention in a dynamic square to indefinite Neptune, setting us up for moments that don’t quite match our expectations. Stay open and dissolve into the subjective energy that is available right now -- into the sea of inspiration that leads to amazing works of art and beautiful poetry. The introspective Moon's sextile to communicative Mercury late in the afternoon lends further insights to our creativity.

You seem to rise above the confusion others are experiencing today, with reason and logic acting as your guides. Your rational approach allows life to make more sense, bolstering a clearer mindset. But tough resolve will get you further when tempered with laid-back emotions. Use the energy of the Moon in your sign to approach interactions with an agreeable and sociable attitude. You can do well in a support role now, as your clarity allows you to work behind the scenes to help those who need it.


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