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😷 Important Announcement 🤧

🌟 Corona Virus Update 🌟

Good morning everyone,

I wanted to post this update in light of the new measures/restrictions placed on us through this Corona Virus Pandemic.

Now that we are self isolating and social distancing, I wanted to implement measures to allow those of you who wanted a reading to contact me, and for a limited time, I will organise email readings for those of you who want them.

By implementing these measures you are able to get your readings without venturing out and avoiding person to person contact.

For all those interested in making email appointments, please DM me or contact me on 0498-290-284.

This way, everyone gets a session and doesn't miss out.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Don't panic, we will be okay...And this too shall pass.

Sending you love & energy.

Kaliopi X 💋 X

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